Sunday, May 29, 2011


Pulp Modern is a literary journal that publishes crime fiction ONLY. Not mystery, CRIME fiction. Stories about criminals and the wonderful decisions they make. Absolutely NO SUBJECT is taboo. Pulp Modern believes in true and absolute freedom of speech. If you story involves subject matter that is normally prohibited by other literary journals, send it to us. If the story is well-written, we'll read it. Pulp Modern believes Americans are slowly sacrificing their liberties for "safety" and "security." There is no such thing as "safety" or "security." A crime fiction journal, above all else, should recognize this. Stories should be between 2000 and 3500 words. That word count is STRICTLY ENFORCED. At this time, there will be no serializations unless requested by the editor.

The next reading period is:


Pulp Modern will compensate writers 1/4 a cent per word.

Pulp Modern claims the following publication rights: First English-language Rights, English-language Periodical Rights, World Periodical Rights, and Electronic Distribution Rights. All rights will revert back to the writer six months after initial publication.  Should Pulp Modern choose to create an anthology of previously published work, new rights will be negotiated.

Pulp Modern will NOT CONSIDER simultaneous submissions.

Pulp Modern will not publish reprints unless they are requested by the editor.

Pulp Modern will not accept poetry at this time.

To submit stories:

Send your story in standard manuscript format as an attached document (.doc or .rtf) to

Please write “fiction submission” and the title of the story in the subject line.

Include a cover letter in the body of the email as well as a brief biography.

Pulp Modern is published twice a year.

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"Diversity" Statement: Pulp Modern believes the color of your skin, the gender you identify with, the religion you practice, and all other identity markers the powers-that-be use to divide, confuse, and set the masses at war with one another have absolutely nothing to do with the quality of your prose. We do not judge your work based on ANYTHING other than the work itself. If you are a great writer, your work will be recognized.